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  • Gallardo v. Marstiller - Med Mal Case to Watch in 2022
JAN 03
Gallardo v. Marstiller one of Law360's Med Mal Cases to Watch in 2022

In a January 3, 2022 article, Law360 reviewes the top medical malpractice and personal injury cases to follow in 2022. The article includes Gallardo v. Marstiller, the United States Supreme Court case in which Creed & Gowdy and co-counsel represent Ms. Gianinna Gallardo, a Medicaid beneficiary. Ms. Gallardo's case asks the Court to decide whether a state Medicaid agency may seek reimbursement for Medicaid's payment of the beneficiary's past medical expenses by taking from the portion of the beneficiary's tort recovery that compensates for future medical expenses. View the article here (subscription required).

Bryan Gowdy and Meredith Ross attended arguments in Gallardo at the U.S. Supreme Court on January 10, 2022, and Bryan Gowdy orally argued the case. The audio recording of the oral argument is available  here or  here, and media coverage of the argument can be found  here (no subscription required) and  here (subscription required).