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  • Creed & Gowdy Wins Appeal on Personal Jurisdiction
AUG 02
Creed & Gowdy Wins Appeal on Personal Jurisdiction

The First District Court of Appeal recently ruled in favor of Creed & Gowdy's client, Shaun Murphy. After his former wife filed a petition in Florida to clarify and enforce a 1999 out-of-state dissolution judgment, Mr. Murphy-a North Carolina resident-moved to dismiss the action for lack of personal jurisdiction. Although the trial court denied Mr. Murphy's motion, the First District reversed. Finding that the record lacked any basis to support jurisdiction over the former husband, the Court agreed with Creed & Gowdy that denial of the motion to dismiss was legal error. The First District instructed the trial court, on remand, to dismiss the former wife's petition. Rebecca Creed briefed the appeal.

Read the opinion here.