What if an appeal will likely affect my rights or my business but i am not a party to it?

The law allows a person or organization who is not a party to an appeal -but has a direct interest in the issues in the appeal - to seek permission from the court to file a brief as an "amicus curiae," which means "friend of the court." Under certain circumstances, an amicus brief can not only empower an interested individual or organization to have a voice in an important appellate decision, but it can also increase the persuasive force of the case made by one of the litigants if the interests are aligned.

We are available to assist organizations or individuals desiring to file amicus curiae briefs in a pending appeal. For example, we have submitted amicus brief on behalf of National Security Archives, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, Floridians for Patient Protection, the Florida Justice Association, and the National Association of Consumer Advocates. We have also successfully solicited amicus briefs supporting our clients' positions from organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, the American Bar Association, the Florida Adoption Council, and the Florida Justice Association.

The experience that some of us have as appellate law clerks gives us the necessary perspective to put together an amicus brief that is likely to be read carefully by the court and to be considered helpful. 

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