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MAY 08
Florida Lawmakers Vote to End Tampon Tax

Florida will eliminate taxes charged on tampons under a measure passed by the state Legislature on Tuesday. The Florida House of Representatives and Senate approved the bill with a 109-3 and 34-4 vote, respectively. The bill will become law if approved by Gov. Rick Scott in January, exempting feminine hygiene products from taxation in Florida. Creed & Gowdy filed a law suit on July 6, 2016, alleging that the tax charged on tampons and sanitary pads - products used exclusively by women - is discriminatory and unconstitutional. For more information on the bill, click here to read the full article.

Read the press statement released by Creed & Gowdy's co-counsel, Barrett Fasig & Brooks, here


APR 25
Creed & Gowdy successfully defends an order granting separate trials in a personal injury suit

The plaintiffs, a family injured when the defendant's employee crashed into the rear of their vehicle, had asked the trial court for separate trials on their distinct and independent claims for damages. The trial court agreed that separate trials were appropriate, and the defendant filed a petition for a writ of certiorari to quash the order. The First District Court of Appeals summarily denied the defendant's petition. Rebecca Creed and Meredith Ross briefed the certiorari response.

Read the response here.

APR 21
Rebecca Creed Selected for Inclusion in the 2017 Best Lawyers® "Women in the Law" Spring Business Edition

Rebecca Creed was recently selected for inclusion in the Best Lawyers® 2017 "Women in the Law" Spring Business Edition, produced in collaboration with the Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law, for Appeallate Practice in Jacksonville. The business edition highlights all women lawyers recognized in the 23rd (2017) Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© and the 2017 women "Lawyer of the Year" recipients across all practice areas in the United States.

See the issue here.

APR 18
Creed & Gowdy Wins Summary Judgment Against Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration

In a huge win for our clients, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida declared parts of a Medicaid reimbursement statute preempted and unconstitutional, and enjoined the State of Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) from using it to enforce its liens in personal injury cases.

On behalf of the clients and their incapacitated daughter, Meredith Ross and Bryan Gowdy of Creed & Gowdy, together with co-counsel Floyd Faglie, filed for summary judgment to obtain declaratory and injunctive relief against AHCA. The summary judgment motion sought to invalidate, on preemption grounds, a state statute that AHCA invokes to collect reimbursement of past Medicaid payments from portions of the recipient's personal injury award/settlement representing future medical expenses. The district court agreed with our position and concluded the Florida statute is preempted by federal law to the extent it permits AHCA to seek reimbursement from payments for future medical expenses, and to the extent it requires Medicaid recipients to rebut an arbitrary statutory formula with clear and convincing evidence.

Read the order here.

APR 17
Preserving Trial Errors by Rebecca Bowen Creed and Jessie Harrell

Rebecca Bowen Creed and Jessie Harrell recently collaberated on a step-by-step guide for covering the basics of trial preservation and creating a proper appellate record in the April of edition of Attorney at Law Magazine. Read the article here