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APR 13
Creed & Gowdy Wins Workers Compensation Appeal for Firefighter against City of Jacksonville

Creed & Gowdy successfully defended an appeal filed by the City of Jacksonville against a firefighter who filed a petition for workers' compensation benefits and requested authorization to treat with a cardiologist for his heart and hypertension1 issues, compensability, and attorney's fees. Because he was a firefighter suffering from heart disease, a statutory presumption that his work caused the heart disease was available to him under section 112.18, Florida Statutes, which establishes that certain health conditions resulting in a firefighter's disability or death, including heart disease, "shall be presumed to have been accidental and to have been suffered in the line of duty unless the contrary be shown by competent evidence." § 112.18(1)(a), Fla. Stat. (2014). The City stipulated that there was no evidence of heart disease on the Claimant's pre-employment physical exam. In a written opinion, the First District Court of Appeal sided with the firefighter. Meredith Ross briefed the appeal.

Read the opinion here.

MAR 30
Buzz TV Interviews Bryan Gowdy about leadership skills

Eva Baker of TeensGotCents and local television station, Buzz TV, recently invited Bryan Gowdy to appear on a Buzz TV segment called "Centsible Leadership." This segment exposes young people to business leaders and community trustees to learn leadership paradigms and the practical steps they can take to develop their leadership skills.

Watch the interview segment here

MAR 04
Bryan Gowdy, Terrence Graham, and the ongoing look at juvenile life without parole

Bryan Gowdy, and his client Terrence Graham were recently the focus of a Florida Times Union article about the significant role Mr. Graham's case has played in leading to hundreds of people in Florida and across the United States becoming eligible for resentencings under Graham.  The article is part of the Times'  ongoing look at juvenile life without parole and the resentencing efforts taking place statewide. 

To read the articles, click here and here.

FEB 21
Students against “Tampon Tax”

Students from Armwood High School went to Tallahassee this week with hopes to encourage lawmakers to end the sales tax on feminine hygiene products. On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, the students met with lawmakers prior to the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday. The students attended the committee meeting to discuss the importance of the "Tampon Tax" bills and encourage lawmakers to co-sponsor the legislation.

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FEB 01
Bryan Gowdy Wins in the Florida Supreme Court over Medical Records Dispute

On January 31, 2017, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion overturning a decision by the First District Court of Appeal, which said a federal patient-safety law shielded the hospital system from disclosing important records during a medical malpractice lawsuit. Bryan Gowdy argued on behalf of the plaintiff in the Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. 

Read the opinion here.

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Bryan Gowdy argues in Florida Supreme Court over medical records dispute

Bryan Gowdy prepares for oral argument in Florida Supreme Court