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MAY 15
Creed & Gowdy Continues to Fight for Graham in Landmark Case

In a 7 minute hearing on Tuesday morning, Terrence Graham's sentence was brought in to compliance with Florida law, requiring that juveniles serving lengthy sentences are allowed the opportunity to have their sentences reviewed for potential early release. His 25-year sentence will now be reviewable after he's served 20 years, which isn't until 2023. Bryan Gowdy, Graham's long-time attorney, plans to appeal this modified sentence. Gowdy believes that Graham should have a review in front of a judge at 15 years, which is at the end of this year, instead of 5 years from now.  Read more about Graham and Gowdy's fight for a fair sentence here and here.

APR 30
Creed & Gowdy wins Petition for Writ of Mandamus in the First District Court of Appeal

The petition was filed by Riverside residents opposing a restaurant zoning approved by Jacksonville City Council in 2016 known as "The Roost". The developers argued that this petition was filed in an untimely manner since it was filed on the last day of a 30-day jurisdictional window. In a per curiam opinion, the Court sided with the Riverside residents, allowing for the circuit court to now be able to hear the case on its merits, ultimately deciding whether the zoning decision can stand.

MAR 28
Of Counsel, Thomas A. Burns, wins twice in the 2nd District Court of Appeal

Creed & Gowdy Of Counsel, Thomas A. Burns, won two appeals relating to a $2.2 million commercial foreclosure last Friday. Thomas represented the appellee, a subsidiary of an apartment management company that had purchased the note and morgtage, in two appeals from the foreclosure and judicial sale of the properties. After oral argument, The Court, per curiam, affirmed the foreclosure and judicial sale and granted the appellee's motions for appellate attorney's fees. 

MAR 23
Congratulations to Of Counsel, Thomas Burns, for his nomination to the 2nd District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission

Thomas was recently nominated as a candidate of the 2nd District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission. He is one of six nominations vying for two vacancies in the commission. Judicial Nominating Commissions (JNCs) select nominees to fill judicial vacancies within the Florida court system. The JNCs are required to operate in accordance with the Uniform Rules of Procedure applicable to each level of JNC. JNC members serve four-year terms, except when an appointment is made to fill a vacant, unexpired term. Read more about current nominees here.

FEB 07
Bryan Gowdy, Along With Fellow Florida Justice Association Leaders, Successfully Defend Patient's Right to Know

A Florida Constitution Revision Commission panel this week killed a proposal to gut Florida's Patient's Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents provision in the state Constitution. After hearing compelling testimony from nine Florida Justice Association leaders who discussed the importance of the transparency provided to Floridians, the panel voted 4 to 3 against the proposal to effectively shield the reports behind attorney/client privilege.

To see Bryan's argument click here, and skip to the 3:12:15 mark.