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DEC 10
Creed & Gowdy assists in $6.5M Win in "Psycho Swing" Case

Elizabeth Frank was injured as a child in 2011 while on a defective and dangerous carnival ride called the "Physcho Swing." In addition to providing litigation support to Ms. Frank's trial counsel, Schlesinger Law Offices P.A.,  Creed & Gowdy also represented Ms. Frank in two appellate proceedings - one at the federal appellate level and one at the state appellate level. 

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NOV 26
Jacksonville Justice Association and Florida Justice Association Donate Nearly $31,000 to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc.

The Jacksonville Justice Association and the Florida Justice Association this week donated nearly $31,000 to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc. from the proceeds of their 13th Annual Holiday Kick-off Party. Over the years, the two organizations have raised nearly $120,000 to support JALA's mission and programs. Pictured with JALA CEO Jim Kowalski (center) are past presidents of both the Jacksonville Justice Association and JALA board, Tom Slater of Pajcic & Pajcic (left) and Bryan Gowdy of Creed & Gowdy, P.A. (right).


NOV 22
Rebecca Creed Convinces 1st DCA to Overturn Summary Judgment

In a 3-0 decision, Rebecca Bowen Creed, convinced the First District Court of Appeal to reverse the trial court's decision to grant defendant's motion for summary judgment. The trial court concluded that Weinart was an independent contractor giving rise to the granting of defendant's motion for summary judgment. The 1st DCA concluded that the dispute as to the relationship between Mr. Weinart and New Frontiers, LLC did not permit the trial court to grant summary judgment.

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OCT 21
Aaron Sprague Wins his First Appeal as a Creed & Gowdy Appellate Lawyer

In a 3-0 decision, of-counsel, Aaron Sprague, convinced the First District Court of Appeal to deny a petition for writ of certiorari. In April 2019, petitioner filed a petition for writ of certiorari centered around a discovery dispute.  Mr. Sprague, on behalf of the respondent, opposed this petition. After six months, the Court issued its order denying the petition.  

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OCT 11
Meredith Ross Wins Medicaid Lien Case in the First District Court of Appeals

Congratulations to Meredith Ross on a win in the First District Court of Appeals. This case involved a Medicaid lien. On October 14, 2019 the court issued a short per curiam opinion reversing based on another 1st DCA opinion that was released last month and that we had submitted as supplemental authority.

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